Our Promise


Dickinson & Barrows promises the best customer service, defining edge building techniques, environmentally friendly and beautifully executed construction projects.

Living in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire, we understand that a name means everything, a hand shake is just as important as a legal contract– it’s this understanding that provides Dickinson & Barrows this every day philosophy.

 We believe in this promise because, we understand our work is an immediate reflection upon customer’s expectations. The quality of a construction project built by D & B for our customers, is the same quality construction project, we’d build for ourselves, our family ,and our friends, which of course means: “get it done when you say you will get it done”, “use the best materials and techniques a budget can afford”

Our business is closely managed, from our team of craftsmen to construction projects. We refuse to agree to take on any project that could potentially hinder our ability to abide by our promise. Dickinson & Barrows will never leave a project unfinished, or that does not meet our high level of quality standards, as stipulated by our agreement (our hand shake and a signed contract).

No disappearing acts! – we have personally helped others who have had experienced this, we understand how it feels, it is one of the many reasons we refuse to stray from our D& B promise . . . We are all neighbors!


Our Work


"The quality of work was unequaled."

“From beginning to end, it was a pleasure to work with Shane. I provided excruciating detail in the form of pictures for the project but we were renovating a 200 year old house and ran into the typical unexpected obstacles. We were also managing the project from 2 hours away. We were in constant communication and he never made a decision without my approval. We were able to finish the project despite the unexpected due to his attention and responsiveness. The quality of his work was unequaled and fairly priced. I have recommended him and will continue to do so to anyone who is interested in having work done in the Woodstock VT area.”

— elisepcaffrey